Paint Safety for Residential Surfaces

Even though painting may seem relatively safe, especially when you use a roller to paint a room, you still need to take some precautions before beginning. Paint can be a toxic liquid and cause damage to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Its fumes are also harmful. Painters Woodstock GA is much safer when you use ladders and safety equipment like respirators, glasses, and masks.

The Right Ladder: When you paint an area, you will need to set up a ladder. This is essential to avoid any injuries.

If you’re setting up a ladder outside, make sure that the surface is level and hard. When you set your ladder up outdoors on soft or dirty turf, place a plywood sheet under its legs. It is also important to not put it up close to the walls. You can follow a rule of thumb that says to place the base of the stepladder 1 foot out for every 4 feet. The base of your ladder should extend 4 feet from your wall, if you are working with a 16-foot ladder.

It is important to choose the correct ladder. You can use a stool instead of ladder when you only need to paint an interior from a height of 10 feet. Use a long ladder and make sure that the upper section overlaps a lot with the lower to ensure a solid structure. When leaning the ladder against something else, you will want it to be long enough. It is recommended that you have at least 3 feet of ladder sticking up above the surface it will be leaning.

Wear goggles. You might think it’s silly to wear them but if paint gets in your eye, you will feel worse. The hospital may have to flush the paint out. It doesn’t have to be a huge pair of old goggles. You can also use clear eyeglasses.

Wear a disposable mask to look cool: When you’re working on an indoor painting project or if you plan to paint a lot, it is advisable that you get disposable facemasks for everyone who will be working with the paint. You will be able to avoid breathing in paint fumes, dust and other unpleasant odors.