Don’t Take Fence Construction Tips For Granted

A fence is built to keep out animals and people. You can either hire an affordable fence company. Our preconceived notion is that as long the fence has rails and slats on an even level and stands high, then it’s good to go. Even though these tips are important, you should still consider them if you are looking to build a durable and sturdy fence.

1. Dig Holes One factor that impacts the durability of a fence is where the post is placed. Posts, which are usually 4x4x8, must be installed in 8-foot holes. You can use a digger to dig a hole at least two feet deep.

To create a post that is stable, you must dig the hole at an angle. This hole can be used to anchor posts. Atlanta fence contractors are aware of this.

2. The Linger Factor –We are unaware that rot can occur even with the best fence. If the fence’s top or bottom lip isn’t covered, this can happen. If water runs on the surface of wood, it can cause rot. This coating can prevent the rot from destroying your beautiful fence.

3. Wood and Concrete Do Not Mix. Ask any Atlanta fencing company and they will confirm that wood does not adhere to concrete. This dilemma can be solved by using black roof-tar. It is possible to glue two different materials by painting tar on the lower 2-feet part of the pole.

4. Avoid Nailing Rails and Slats Right Away. Don’t nail your rails, slats and posts together right away. Give them at least a full day after you have leveled everything and set it up. They will end up being completely ruined and you may have to start over.

5. Use 3 Rails If you’re looking to build a durable and safe fence, use at least three rails. Top, middle and lower rail.

It is important to place the top rail horizontally, as it will help in measuring how much slat you need. To ensure that slats do not extend more than 8 inches beyond the toprail, make sure to measure this before installing them.