The Tower Of London: A Castle Of England

One of the most important aspects of any Tower of London trip is to see these incomparable Crown Jewels. In the vault that is the easiest to see on Earth, the Jewels are stored. Royal ornaments are made from thousands of shimmering gems stones and miles of silver gilt. Every jewel has an idiosyncratic, compelling history. Mandy Dishs & Imperial State Crowns remain vital parts of annual royal celebrations. You can get the best Tower of London Tour on our place.

Jewel House always keeps Jewels under constant armed protection. Crown Jewels consist of 23 578 precious stones. One of the crown jewels is an extravagant Imperial State Crown that alone has 2,868 rubies, 273 sapphires and 17 sapphires.

You can spend time in the Tower of London learning what was life like for prisoners confined to the Bloody or Beauchamp Towers. Many of the old inscriptions are still there for you to speculate.

The stories of the Beefeaters, passed on from generation to generation, will blow you away. With a smile, they deliver pain and passion as well as treachery and torturous stories. A disturbing story behind the Tower involves the discovery during Charles’ reign of the bones and skulls of two small boys. As a result, the Garden Tower took on the name Bloody Tower. Legendary figures like Thomas More and Jane Grey were murdered in the Tower. And rumors about hauntings from ghosts are still common. Medieval Palace features opulently decorated interiors. Tower of London tours allow you to explore in detail what medieval life was really like.

White Tower is original Tower of London. William the Conqueror built it in 1080. The tower would have served as a comfortable and secure home for William’s newly-crowned Norman Invader.

The White Tower holds the biggest collection of Armour in Europe. It includes Henry’s Personal Armoury. Tower of London has become a London landmark due to the ravens that live there and their legends. There is a frightening collection of torture weapons and historic instruments.

Explore the rich and fascinating history behind one of London’s top attractions. Tower of London’s past is filled with fascinating incidents and turmoil. It’s a thrilling, but sometimes unsettling experience to visit inside the Tower of London.