The Mobile Home Maintenance Guide: Tips to Keep your home in top condition

They are affordable and flexible options for housing. But, just like any other home, regular maintenance is required to maintain them. With some basic maintenance, you can make sure that your mobile homes are safe, comfortable and functional. Below are some tips to help you mobile homes maintenance.

Inspection of your Home is Important
To catch minor problems, it is essential to perform regular home inspections. As you walk through your home, look out for damages such as cracks on the floor or walls, leaks from the roof or mildew and mold. Check to see if the electrical system and plumbing are operating properly.

Your Home Must Be Spotless
Keep your mobile house clean. It is an important maintenance task. Clean surfaces regularly with a mild disinfectant and dust. Cleaning your gutters will prevent any water damage. Also, remove all debris in your home to avoid pests.

How to Maintain your HVAC System
For your home to be comfortable throughout the year, you need a good heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC). You should change your air filter regularly and get your system serviced annually by a qualified professional. Your system will work more efficiently and last longer if you do this.

Seal Windows and Doorways
A drafty mobile home can cause high energy bills, and lead to an uncomfortably cold living environment. For preventing drafts seal windows and door with weatherstripping. Your home will stay warmer during winter and cooler throughout the summer with this method.

Check Your Skirting
This skirting protects and insulates the mobile home. You should inspect the skirting on your mobile home regularly to check for damage. Look out for cracks and holes. Replace or repair as required.

How to Maintain your Plumbing System
Maintaining your plumbing system is essential to avoid any problems. Pour no grease or oil into your drains. Also, avoid flushing any other material than toilet tissue down your toilet. Your sewer system should be pumped three to five times a year to prevent any problems.

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